Welcome to the World Community Network (WCN)! Join us in creating a blueprint for a new world of harmony and abundance. Our 77-person team now spans six continents and communicates in 57 languages. Behind the scenes, we are very busy developing systems for the web and via a mobile app that will inspire and enable us to connect, communicate, and take collective actions together. The first version of our mobile app for iOS is finished! We are now preparing to migrate to AWS to support much higher web traffic. The new social media/networking platform is 99% complete and is being beta tested. Join with us today!

Muazzam Saeed, Video Editor and Graphics Designer (Peshawar, Pakistan)

Muazzam Saeed is a top rated freelance video editor on Upwork , with almost three years of experience in content creation for social media influencers, business ads and commercials , products branding, faceless YouTube videos editing and alot more. Apart from that he also provides freelance services in graphics design. Muazzam is a doing bachelor in clinical medicine and surgery from Khyber Medical university, a prestigious medical institute in Pakistan. In addition, he's the author of a book related to past exams of Allied health sciences, nursing and doctor of physical therapy. Hired on Upwork as a video editor for the WCN platform , he closely watched the aims and working system of WCN. He was inspired by the step-by-step plan of WCN to uprise a worldwide community having the common goal of a peaceful and harmonious environment for every individual with a decentralized economic system and its own digital currency.