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Muhammad Faris Mufti, Web Developer (Peshawar, Pakistan)

Muhammad Faris Mufti, hailing from Peshawar, Pakistan, is a seasoned web developer with two years of hands-on experience. His proficiency spans a spectrum of technologies, including React, Redux, Angular, Nodejs, Expressjs, Python, Java, and Javascript. Beyond coding, Muhammad has a keen interest in artificial intelligence, specifically focusing on computer vision, large language models, and machine learning. Muhammad holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. His academic journey was highlighted by a standout project: a 360-degree virtual tour of his university. Leveraging Python Open CV for Image Stitching and the React 360 library, he successfully created an immersive virtual experience. Outside the coding realm, Muhammad is a sports enthusiast, finding joy in activities like swimming and badminton. He also enjoys the literary world, dedicating time to reading, playing games, and various recreational pursuits. Muhammad's contributions extend beyond his technical skills. He has volunteered with prestigious organizations such as the Google Developer Student Club and served as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, showcasing his commitment to community engagement. Known for his friendly and approachable demeanor, Muhammad thrives on collaborative projects, demonstrating effective communication skills. His commitment to hard work and professionalism shines through both in his personal and professional endeavors. Impressed by the mission of WCN, Muhammad also envisions a community where all people have universal human rights. This commitment is the driving force behind his support for WCN's vision of a harmonious and abundant world. Excited to be on the WCN team, he proudly stands for these values.