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Susan Santiago, Strategic Advisor (Novato, CA USA)

Susan Santiago has always been a major proponent of justice and fairness. She’s been able to integrate these principles with her diverse experience in government offices, non-profit organizations, and medium to large U.S. and international companies. Her passion for justice came through her work in the non-profit Community Action Against Poverty in leading their Garden for Unity program. She also worked and assisted in the creation of the Marion County (IN) Prosecutor’s Child Support Division, as well as having served in the federal U.S. Attorney’s Office as the Chief Administrator. In addition, Susan worked for IBM in San Francisco for over 10 years. Here, she served as a “trouble shooter” to minimize customer and vendor conflicts. Her management, customer service, and operational efficiency skills earned her IBM’s Branch Manager Award. Her experience also includes management of high-rise property in both Miami and San Francisco. One of her buildings included the historic Shell Building and, as its Property Manager, it was named one of the top four high rises in San Francisco by the Bay Area Guardian newspaper’s “Best of” annual issue. Up until very recently, Susan was a radio programmer for KWMR – West Marin (CA) Community Radio. Her show, Pieces of Peace, was based on diversity, not only with the guests and their stories, but also with their ideas and visions of what is possible. Pieces of Peace gave a voice to individuals who, in some capacity and to some degree, are enriching the lives of others. Today, with a BA in Psychology (Indiana University), and an MS in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (Creighton University), she serves as a mediator with the Sonoma County Courts Civil Division. Susan has been a swimmer most of her life and calls it her “lifeline”. She loves all music, writing, and is currently learning to play the mini harp. Her two very favorite quotes are: “Perseverance furthers” -I Ching, and “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth” -Mahatma Gandhi.