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Aannguaq René J Hansen, Greenlandic Translator and Filmmaker (Aasiaat, Greenland)

Aannguaq is a Greenlandic translator and filmmaker residing in Greenland. Native to Greenland, he specializes in translating from Danish to Greenlandic and from English to Greenlandic. Aannguaq embarked on his translation journey a year ago, freelancing for the Qeqertalik Business Council. Although Aannguaq couldn't read or write in Greenlandic, Danish, and English until the 7th grade, his passion for the film industry compelled him to teach himself. Utilizing DVD movies, he self-taught English reading and writing, which enabled him to recognize letters in Danish and Greenlandic. It was then that he discovered his aptitude for writing in Greenlandic. From a young age, Aannguaq harbored a deep interest in filmmaking. In 2017, he gained his first professional experience in a hybrid-documentary titled "Raven and the Seagull." Aannguaq possesses an enduring enthusiasm to contribute to significant endeavors, even if his role may not be substantial. He wholeheartedly supports the goals of World Community Networks and takes pride in being a part of the team. Currently, Aannguaq runs his own production company called Production Tupilak Entertainment. The company primarily focuses on creating advertisement videos for smaller businesses that are unable to afford larger advertising companies. A firm believer in dreams and goals, Aannguaq emphasizes the importance of self-belief, even in the absence of external support. He treasures spending time in nature, as it holds great significance in his culture. Additionally, he enjoys quality moments with his family and friends, having grown up surrounded by exceptional storytellers—his elders. Aannguaq's cherished pastime involves engaging with and learning from his elders.