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Gabriela Flores, Argentine Spanish and Spanish Translator, Singer-Songwriter, Spokesperson and Voice Talent (Funes, Argentina)

Gabriela Flores is a highly skilled linguistic specialist with over two decades of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. As a native speaker of both English and Spanish, she is a certified interpreter and translator. Gabriela has an extensive background in various fields such as immigration law, worker's compensation, medical, technical, and commercial translations. Her interpreting career began in 1996, working as a freelance interpreter and translator for various agencies in New Jersey. From 2003 to 2007, Gabriela served as an in-house interpreter and translator at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, handling tasks like sight translation of consent forms, interpreting at therapy groups, and pediatric evaluations. She then worked as an over-the-phone interpreter at Propio Language Services for over a decade and is currently a freelance declaration letter writer on Gabriela's education includes high school diplomas from Mainland Senior High School in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Washington School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has attended multiple seminars and workshops and successfully passed various interpreting exams in the State of New Jersey. Throughout her impressive career, Gabriela has had the honor of interpreting for notable figures and events, such as Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Conference. Gabriela Flores is a dedicated linguistic specialist whose experience and expertise make her a valuable asset in the field of interpreting and translating. In addition, Gabriela is singer-songwriter, spokesperson and voice talent with a lifetime dream of "giving back" via her music.