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Budsabakorn Sae-How, Thai and Chinese Translator (Bangkok, Thailand)

Budsabakorn Sae-how is an English-Thai translator and content creator from Bangkok, Thailand. With a native Thai background, Budsabakorn possesses a deep understanding of both formal and informal Thai language, which allows her to convey the intended message with accuracy and authenticity. In addition to her language skills, Budsabakorn has had the privilege of spending four years in New York City as a college student from 2016 to 2020. During this time, she pursued a degree in fashion design and production management, which exposed her to a diverse range of cultures and broadened her perspective on the interconnectedness of the world. This experience fueled her love for bringing people together, regardless of their differences and language barriers. Currently, Budsabakorn is working with a Singaporean-based marketing company where she is responsible for their Thai market. In this role, she handles ENG-Thai translations and works on projects related to the Thai market on a daily basis. Budsabakorn is a dedicated professional who is always seeking opportunities to improve her skills and knowledge with the ultimate goal of owning her own business one day. In her free time, Budsabakorn enjoys working out, practicing meditation, and exploring the vibrant food, arts, and music scene in Bangkok and other areas. She's also a big fan of comedy in any form possible!