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Sambalkhundev Tserenchimed, Mongolian Translator (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)

Sambalkhundev Tserenchimed is a versatile professional with a unique combination of skills in translation and linguistics, urban and regional planning, project management, sales, and marketing. With a bachelor's degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a master's degree in Chinese Linguistics, Sambalkhundev has a strong academic background in both fields. Sambalkhundev has diverse work experience, starting with a year of working as an Urban and Regional Planner and then moving on to work as a Marketing Manager for four years, where he honed his skills in promoting and selling products and services. Currently, Sambalkhundev is working as a Project and Sales Manager, bringing his expertise in project management and sales to the forefront. Apart from his full-time jobs, Sambalkhundev has also worked as a translator for the past six years, working on various high-profile translation projects for companies such as Samsung, Epiroc, Paypal, Facebook, and Wurth. His expertise in linguistics and experience in translation provides a keen eye for detail and a strong ability to communicate effectively in different languages. Sambalkhundev's unique combination of skills and experience makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking for someone who can bring a fresh perspective to their projects and initiatives.