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Alina Ostrovska, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian Translator (Krakow, Poland)

Alina is a skilled translator proficient in four languages: Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Her language abilities have been crucial in her success and in connecting with people worldwide. Although she initially treated translation projects as a hobby, they evolved into a second career, complementing her primary role as a business relations expert in an IT company. As she frequently works with international clients, delivering clear and accurate translations is essential to her main job. Alina's language journey began in school when she took additional Polish and English courses. Her hard work and dedication paid off, enabling her to enroll in a top Polish university at just 17 years old. Upon relocating to Krakow, she continued to work diligently, landing a position in an international corporation at 19. Her language skills were invaluable in this multinational setting. As her expertise grew, Alina began assisting others with written and simultaneous translations on request. Balancing two jobs leaves Alina with limited free time, but she cherishes the moments she can spend baking cakes, cooking, and immersing herself in novels.