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Derek Partridge, Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Multi-Lingual On-Air Host and Narrator (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Derek is a multi-talented, award-winning TV host and presenter whose work has been recognized by 2 Emmys, 2 Tellys and a Voicey Lifetime Achievement Award. Derek attended universities in Paris and Barcelona and can work on-air in English, French, Italian, German and Castilian Spanish. He has been a feature writer and columnist for the London Daily Express Group’s Investor’s Guide; European editor for Gun Digest, Guns & Ammo and Gun World. He has written books and over 100 articles for many US, UK, and European magazines. Derek has conducted hundreds of interviews as a radio and TV host, including TV news anchor at RTV (Rhodesia), Sky TV (London), FNN (now CNBC), Euro News (Scandinavia) and WKAT-ABC (Miami). Derek is the author of five publications, including “Thought-Provoking Thoughts About Living” and, some 10 million copies of his 6-page leaflet “Rhodesia – As It Really Is” were distributed in 42 countries. It was described in London’s Daily Telegraph as “a drop of truth in an ocean of lies”. Derek’s past acting work included guest-starring in Classic Star Trek, Star Wars Rebels, Remington Steele, Murder She Wrote, Dallas and T.J. Hooker. He worked in films with David Niven, Dirk Bogarde, Sean Connery and Susan Strasberg. He starred as the “bad guy” opposite Jack Palance in “The Ivory Ape”, with Tom Skerritt and Michelle Philips in “Savage Harvest” and, had the lead role as a ghost in “Dearly Departed”. He also voices the resident SpokesGoblin at Orlando’s Harry Potter exhibit!! Derek was an Officer in the Royal Air Force and CEO of companies in the UK, US, Rhodesia and Italy. He was a City of London Special Constable and an Honorary LA County Deputy Sheriff. He is currently Counselor to the CEO of Beyond Artificial Intelligence, inventor of the BAI Instant-Result COVID-19 Test System. Because Derek doesn’t like killing wild creatures, he took up clay target shooting. In the British International Clay Shooting Team, he set a world record at the Nordic Championships in Denmark and won the Grand Prix of Paris. Derek has traveled to some 75 countries, living and working in 8 of them. He now lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his lovely, former Aeromexico exec fiancée and 3 rescued kitties.