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Yuyuan Huong, Taiwanese Hokkien and Chinese Translator (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Yuyuan is a Traditional Chinese-English translator and wordsmith from Taiwan with nine years of experience. She went to Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages to study French and English as second and third languages and graduated from the college in 2012 and then she went on to pursue further education at Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, completing 2 modules – translation and linguistics, both of which she was absolutely passionate about and still is today. Her passion for languages and linguistics led her into the translation and localization industry. The most important and interesting project that she participated in and contributed to was a large-scale project in which there was an international team composed of people from 20+ different countries and she was one of them working there as a Localization and Data Analysis Specialist for 4 years. During her time there, the most important skill she learnt was to recognize useful and truthful facts on the internet in this world where we have excessive information everyday. The project had a significant impact on how her career would develop later. She started working on different translation, localization, copywriting projects with different teams and never stopped translating ever since. The charm about being a translator is you will be exposed to a wide range of subjects and there’s never a dull moment. Aside from her professional life, she is also currently a mother to two young children. She loves learning and relearning everything with her kids, travelling with them, and seeing things in the world that she would have never noticed before she became their mom.