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Bashir Ibrahim, Fulani and Kanuri Translator (Kano, Nigeria)

Bashir Ibrahim has more than 10 years of translation experience as a top-rated translator. He works for many translation agencies and companies which include Vistatec, Pactera, East African Language Solutions (EALS), Bilingual Language Solutions, The Translation Gate, Midlocalize and Bayan Tech. Bashir is most interested in translating marketing content, legal, IT, and general translation. Besides translation, Bashir also does proofreading, reviewing, and transcription work. He is currently the Hausa Language Manager of an online magazine Barkadar, which is under Kasahorow, a platform that manages more than 40 African languages. Bashir has, so far, translated more than two million words from and into the Hausa language. He believes in doing things correctly and accurately. It was these things that drew his attention to freelance translation from and into his native language – Hausa, besides his teaching career which he started about three decades ago.