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Maryam Nazeer, Urdu Translator (Gujranwala, Pakistan)

Maryam is an English-Urdu translator and interpreter with seven years of experience in the field. Prior to her career as a translator, Maryam worked as a geologist for two years after completing her bachelor's and master's degrees in Geological Sciences. She discovered her passion for languages and communication during her time working as a geologist and decided to pursue a career in translation and interpretation. Maryam's expertise in English-Urdu translation has made her a sought-after professional in her field. She has worked on a variety of projects, including legal and technical documents, business communications, and creative writing. In addition to her translation work, Maryam also freelances as a research writer and has helped several researchers in scientific, engineering, and technological fields. Outside of work, Maryam is a foodie who loves to explore new cuisines and restaurants. She is always on the lookout for new and exciting culinary experiences. Maryam is also a mother to her two children, Shumaila and Mursal. Maryam is an avid learner and enjoys exploring new fields of study, meeting new people, and learning about their experiences. Maryam has a deep curiosity about the earth and everything on it, whether living or non-living, and spends much of her free time reading and learning about different aspects of the natural world.