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Odara Ramos, Portuguese, Spanish and French Translator (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Odara has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and is a translator. She passionately loves learning new languages, new cultures and studying the International System. Before graduating, Odara worked in Germany for an IT company, where she could improve her skills dealing with international companies and clients. Also, during this time in Europe, she traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, to work as a volunteer for the United Nations, helping the refugees to communicate and to support them in the new country. As it was a good experience, her first job as a translator was in her own country, working for the Program to Restore Family Links and Migration and Refuge, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was responsible for translating documents for the refugees' Visas and teaching them Portuguese, to help with their adaptation and communication. Most of them were Venezuelans. Odara’s journey as a translator started with a volunteer job and keeps going not as a volunteer anymore, but the motivation is the same. Using her knowledge in International Relations, she works with responsible NGOs to ensure that the language is not a boundary to people understanding each other and providing information about any subject. In her free time, Odara likes to be with her dog, family, and loves traveling. Meeting new cultures helps her to open her mind and to discover new realities. She speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French, and if she’s working as a Portuguese and Spanish translator nowadays it is because she allows herself to learn it talking with natives and living a bit of their reality, getting out of bubbles.