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Debby Bility, Writer, Graphic Designer (Nairobi, Kenya)

Debby Bility has a valuable set of skills and experience that have been applied to various development projects by integrating strategic communication for development as an important aspect of ensuring the success and sustainability of initiatives aimed at community transformation. With her education background in Public Relations and Print Media from Daystar University, Debby has been able to effectively communicate project goals and objectives to various stakeholders and ensure that their participation is optimized. Additionally, her experience has given her insight into how to tailor messaging and outreach efforts to different audiences, which has been critical in ensuring that information is communicated effectively and that buy-in is achieved. She is passionate about using writing and storytelling to raise awareness and support for important causes in the non-profit and social impact sector. Through her writing, she has been able to effectively convey the challenges faced by individuals or communities affected by various issues, and highlight the potential solutions and positive impact of initiatives aimed at addressing those issues. By tailoring her messaging to different audiences, she has helped to engage and mobilize diverse groups of people to support important causes. Debby Bility was a Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) fellow in 2020, and she was involved in developing a program to train young people on valuable soft skills for the workplace. The program's success in training over 2,800 young people is a testament to the impact that such initiatives can have in promoting economic growth and development and creating opportunities for young people to contribute to national development. By investing in the next generation of African leaders, YALI is helping to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for the continent. Currently, she is based in Nairobi Kenya and enjoys spending time with friends and family in her free time. Maintaining strong personal relationships is important for mental and emotional well-being, and can provide a sense of community and support. In her free time, she devotes time to volunteering and mentoring children who are a source of joy and inspiration.