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Artem Pokutnii, 3D Animation Artist (Sumy, Ukraine)

Artem is a 3D Artist, and creator of 3D animations and cinematic videos using Unreal Engine. He loves his job and devotes most of his time studying and developing his skills. After graduating from high school, Artem studied at the College of Mechanical Engineering (Computer Engineering) and then graduated from Sumy State University with a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc), Information Technology. While studying at the university, Artem took a few classes in 3D graphics, which opened a whole new world that amazed and inspired him. However, at the time, the 3D world seemed too complicated and unattainable. Artem then went on a hero’s journey of discovery that included stints as a waiter, bartender, store owner, and creator of a business for the development of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and their programming. This journey led Artem to search within to seek some of life’s deepest questions: “Who am I?” “What do I want to do in the world?” It was at this point that Artem realized that he only wants to learn how to create amazing works in 3D. He then left everything and started in-depth training in 3D on his own with the help of paid and free resources on the Internet, and short courses on specific programs. He continues to study and perfect his craft to this day, as the 3D sphere is rapidly changing and evolving. The most significant development in his career happened last year when he realized that any challenges we face help us to improve if there is a goal and people who go with us side by side. In his spare time, Artem enjoys traveling with his family and dog.