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Inna Bigun, Graphic Artist (Aarhus, Denmark )

Inna is a talented graphic artist with seven years of experience in the field. Born in Ukraine, Inna initially pursued a career in scientific research and completed her Ph.D. at Lviv National University. She worked for several years as a chemistry teacher and researcher in Solid State Chemistry laboratories, where she conducted experiments to make significant contributions to the scientific community. Inna has published various scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. After moving to the USA with her family and giving birth to two children, Inna began drawing educational and scientific illustrations to sell as stock illustrations. She gradually developed her skills and passion for art and eventually transitioned to becoming a full-time illustrator. Inna has a unique style and specializes in creating images related to science and technology, business, medicine, ecology, social topics, and mental health. Her family later relocated to Sweden, where she founded her own illustration business as a sole trader. She has contributed more than 2000 images and designs to microstocks and online marketplaces, and has been involved in various business enterprises as a freelance illustrator. Currently, Inna has settled in Denmark and alongside her professional work, she is also pursuing a new career in life coaching. With coaching, Inna discovered a way to merge her analytical mindset with her artistic inclination to help guide individuals on their personal journeys. In her spare time, she enjoys immersing herself in nature, reading, and exploring new ideas. Inna cherishes family time and loves to explore nature with her children Michael and Emily. She also enjoys reading and has a strong interest in psychology, emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication and neurodiversity.