Welcome to the World Community Network (WCN)! Join us in creating a blueprint for a new world of harmony and abundance. Our 77-person team now spans six continents and communicates in 57 languages. Behind the scenes, we are very busy developing systems for the web and via a mobile app that will inspire and enable us to connect, communicate, and take collective actions together. The first version of our mobile app for iOS is finished! We are now preparing to migrate to AWS to support much higher web traffic. The new social media/networking platform is 99% complete and is being beta tested. Join with us today!

Rex Cabutaje, Web Developer (Magallanes, Philippines)

Rex Cabutaje is an experienced web developer with a passion for crafting dynamic and user-friendly websites. Over the past two years, he has honed his skills in front-end and back-end development. Alongside his technical expertise, he has collaborated with cross-functional teams, translating complex ideas into practical solutions. During his free time, Rex enjoys creating portrait drawings, going to the mountains, or embarking on solo travels.