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Linda Thatcher, Community Outreach (Moonta Bay, Australia)

Linda has spent the last 25 years as a trainer, volunteer coordinator, employment consultant, career counsellor and business manager. Linda has extensive experience in working with volunteers, and was involved with volunteering at The Park originally. Linda then went on to be a volunteer at the Earth Communication Center, later becoming the Volunteer Coordinator. She has managed several government funded programmes, utilising volunteers, which were focused on literacy, numeracy and mentoring for individuals requiring various forms of assistance in the community. Linda also recruited, trained and managed a team of 170 volunteers running an extensive copper mining heritage site, with six comprehensive tourist attractions, as Tourism Manager for the National Trust of South Australia, Moonta. Whilst in this management role, Linda achieved National Heritage Listing status for the site, which will eventually become a World Heritage listed area. She is an experienced public speaker and is currently studying a Diploma in Counselling with the aim of offering quality, customer focused service to a variety of clients. Linda is also completing extra majors in grief, trauma and addiction. Linda lives in Moonta Bay, South Australia, a beautiful coastal town with stunning local beaches. She enjoys spending time with her adored giant breed Bull Arab, Bear. She loves to learn new things, reading, cooking, IT, gaming, social media, and has a passion for people, history, culture and travel. Linda enjoys exploring many subjects including quantum healing, and is a qualified hypnotherapist in this area. She practices tapping meditation, visualisation and mindfulness, and has a strong belief in creating a brighter future for the world and its people through positivity, love, peace and authenticity.