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Joey Madia, Content Writer (Leavittsburg, OH USA)

Joey Madia has been a professional editor and writer for 31 years. After five years with Peterson’s Guides and Wintergreen Orchard House, he started his own editing business, specializing in academic journals and books for leading publishing companies, including Taylor and Francis, Research Institute of America, the Red Cross, and AARP. He was a development editor for Springer Science and Medicine for several years, coordinating the production of books on cancer and medical simulation training. He has edited numerous master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, memoirs, and books (nonfiction and fiction) for independent authors and scholars and small presses, and is a respected book reviewer. Joey has built a strong reputation for his ability to translate the visions and missions of businesses, civic and social justice organizations, production companies, and individuals to text and visual IP, from press releases to conference presentations and “sticky stories.” He has ghostwritten fiction and nonfiction books and written or cowritten nearly two dozen Chautauqua and immersive history programs, stage plays, and screenplays based on true stories, many of which have been awarded special recognition. His clients come from the world of high finance and investment, luxury car manufacturing, systems development, the music industry (including a two-time Grammy nominee), private security and weapons training, spirituality and life coaching, psychology, creative writing, theatre, film, Escape Rooms, audio drama, and historical entertainment.