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Regis Haegler, Strategic Advisor (San Diego, CA USA)

Regis Haegler is a Strategic Advisor to Founders & CEOs of SAAS and healthcare startups looking to raise capital, increase their company valuation, and make their startup a unicorn. He has spent the last 10 years leading finance and advising startups in the healthcare, SAAS, and fintech spaces. Regis started his career on Wall Street as an Equity Analyst before moving to Silicon Valley to work in Corporate Treasury at high-tech Fortune 500 companies like Adobe, Flextronics, and Maxtor. Regis has helped numerous companies raise capital, for example Hello Heart ($45M Series C round) and Health IQ ($55M Series D round). He has also been the catalyst in guiding startups scale, notably HealthPocket, a company that launched a new SAAS offering that achieved over 40,000 sales online within 9 months, generating $15M in ARR... and ultimately the driver for its owner’s stock to go from $5 to over $60 and reach a $852M market cap during Regis's tenure. Regis Haegler is a graduate from the Wharton School and has an MBA in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Chicago. Regis has lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years before relocating to Southern California a couple of years ago.